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Meditation Courses

On this page you will see excerpts from Torkom Saraydarian on the subject of meditation, and below you will see the list of meditation courses that we offer:

“Meditation in the New Age is creative thinking through the light of the Intuition and in conformity with the Divine Plan. In the New Age, meditation will involve not only the mystical efforts of humanity, but it will involve, as well, the political, educational, philosophic, artistic, scientific, religious, and economic fields. It will create harmony within and between all these fields under the rhythm of the Divine Plan, of the Divine Will. Thus, meditation will be not only to gain insight, to contact great powers, to have inspiration and joy but also to bring them down to practical life, to transform our life on all levels, healing the wounds of humanity, building bridges and revealing the unity, the synthesis behind all creation.”
The Science of Meditation, p. 19

“The purpose of meditation is to annihilate hindrances on the path of this expansion and to make you more aware of your Cosmic relationships and your Cosmic destiny. Meditation leads you into freedom, and instead of being the slave of your egocentric viewpoints and cravings, you become a part or even one with the Cosmic viewpoint. Thus you help to end the misery of all former civilizations which grew out of human tears, sufferings, pain, and blood.”
The Science of Meditation, p. 20

“Meditation is a process of harmonization and attunement with the purpose of the incoming energies form the higher realms and from outer space. Our civilization and culture are the result of our responses and reaction to the incoming energies. These energies may hinder our progress toward liberation if we are not ready to assimilate and translate them through our life and consciousness, or they may stimulate and release our inner glory if we are able to respond to these energies in pure compassion and in active service to our fellow men.
“Meditation prepares us to become sensitive to these incoming energies. It enables us to be charged with them and to translate them in the form of light, love, and will-to-good. This is how a new age man is born, a man who is in tune with the purpose of the incoming energies and with the highest aspirations of humanity.”
The Science of Meditation, p. 20

“It is a fact that negative emotions wear out our body, and worries separative and selfish thinking cloud our minds. Meditation releases light upon these three levels, and we start to regenerate our vehicles and radiate vitality, peace, and serenity. Meditation makes you more able in your daily duties and works because it increases your right judgment, sharpens your power of observation, increases your control over your body, quickens your actions and makes them more accurate.
“Meditation gradually cleans you of your glamors to such a degree that you are no longer the slave of your emotions and their effects. Because of this you do not leak energy, you waste no time, and you do your work better and in shorter time.”
The Science of Meditation, p. 21

Meditation Courses: (click on the course for additional information and companion books used)

Introductory Level

  • Pre-Meditation Course

    If you are a beginner, or a person in need of structured physical, emotional, and mental discipline, we will design a course specifically suited for your needs. There is no pre-determined length of time for this course, but for best results, you will need from six months to one year of work. The length of time is determined by your commitment and the completion of the reading assignments.

  • Meditation for Beginners
    This is a meditation course for the beginner or for the person who wishes to learn the step-by-step approach to seed thought meditation. Each lesson has a set of seed thoughts to be used for the duration of the month. The seed thoughts begin with easily observable, tangible items and slowly are changed to intangible items. Through this course, the student develops sound meditation rhythm, discipline in thought and practice, the ability to observe anything from many angles, and the ability to synthesize the thoughts and observations into a well articulated report. The course is suitable for any level of student, especially those who wish to perfect their ability to focus on seed-thought meditation.

Beginner Level 

  • Fundamentals of the Ageless Wisdom
    There are 12 fundamental topics that are essential for students of the Teaching. These are topics that students will need to be familiar with in all the Wisdom literature. They include what is Hierarchy? What is the Constitution of Man? What is the Soul? Each lesson is organized to focus on one topic, using supplementary readings and seed thought meditations. This is an excellent course for becoming familiar with the foundations of the Teaching and is recommended for anyone who needs a good foundation or anyone who needs to solidify the foundation of the Teaching in his or her mind.


  • Meditation, The Creative Process
    This course introduces 13 virtues, one per month, as a basis for meditation, reflective reading, and monthly focus and practice. Each virtue is studied from many angles and the student is encouraged to put into practice that particular lesson each month. Virtues act as energy currents and, as we add each virtue to our daily life, our energy currents are purified and we are able to process the psychic energy coming to us from space and out of us in daily actions. A life of active virtues increases our energy, purifies our three bodies and our aura, and enable us to expand and enhance our understanding of life around us.

Intermediate Level

    • 101 Stories from Agni Yoga
      This course uses 101 stories culled from the Agni Yoga books. Each lesson has 4 stories as well as additional readings from the Talks on Agni Series by Torkom Saraydarian. The course is developed specifically for the person wishing to develop intuitive insight and deeper observation using parables, symbols, and ancient tales. Each story is short but is loaded with symbolic meaning. The student is free to analyze and study the story from as many angles as possible. Slowly, the student develops keen observation skills, using the mind, logic, and intuitive perception to gain a deeper appreciation of the Teaching.

  • Bhagavad Gita
    In 18 lessons, this beautifully designed meditation course, developed by Torkom Saraydarian, uses his translation of the classic Hindu sacred book the Bhagavat Gita. Each lesson is based on one chapter. The entire series follows a dialogue between the student, or aspiring disciple, and his teacher. The teacher listens as the student ponders on the crises of life, the challenges he faces in making life choices, and how best to approach these decisions. The teacher gives life lessons, one by one, unfolding each one in a sensitive and touching manner. Each lesson reflects exactly the path of the disciple and his relationship to the Teaching and to the teacher.
  • Creating Prosperity and Success
    A 12 part course based on the book The Spring of Prosperity. The course evolves around the development of physical virtues, emotional qualities, mental disciplines, and spiritual qualities that are needed for total prosperity and success. Each lesson consists of meditation seed thoughts on one aspect of developing prosperity and success along with selected readings from many books to give a proper foundation on success and prosprity-based thinking and living.
  • Joy and Healing
    A wonderfully soothing and healing course designed to awaken the inner power of joy. Students who take this course are amazed at the power of joy that they can discover inside of them. Each lesson has exercises and practices in joy to find and unlock that internal power latent in each person. Discover the true inner joy that you were born with. Learn how to cultivate and activate your God-given joy in your life. Learn to create a new identity for yourself based on love and joy, and not based on failures and bad self-images. If you need a break from all the negativity and pain that life sometimes passes through, take this course and put yourself back on the healing and well-being track.
  • Special Topics

    The special study topic courses are designed to help you progress at your own pace, utilizing lecture videos or audio recordings given by Gita Saraydarian. Each course involves reading a book along with a lecture on DVD/CD/Download for each month’s lesson.You will be able to hear the lecture, read the assigned pages, and participate in group meditation.You will be assigned a special mentor from TSG’s qualified and experienced mentors and report monthly upon the completion of each assignment.The selections include:

    The Science of Becoming Your True Self (In 12-parts, corresponds to the monthly zodiacal cycles)

    Building the Lighted House (In 9 parts, corresponds to the monthly zodiacal cycles)

    Building Universal Awareness — Building the Group Chalice (12-parts)

    The Labors of Hercules (in 14 parts, corresponds to the monthly zodiacal cycles)

    Total Prosperity and Abundance (2-part seminar)

    Wisdom of the Zodiac (Ongoing group study, in person, via MP3, or by subscribed link to YouTube video)

Intermediate/Advanced Level

  • Challenge for Discipleship
    This course is based on the classic and timeless book for all disciples. Disciples are people who want to strive to better their life in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sense. They want to bring order and discipline into their life. They need a step-by-step program for putting their life in an organized and sensible path. Anyone can benefit from this course. Wherever you are in your life, taking this course will change everything for you, on any level that you want to make changes. You will see that you have more discipline to exercise, eat the right foods, better your relations with others, better you inner contacts, expand your friendships in this world and in the invisible worlds, develop healthy habits that will show in your physical and emotional life. The lessons are so expansive that a person could take these lessons and apply them to whatever level that is most needed. The lessons are organized to correspond to each Chapter in the book Challenge for Discipleship. This book is the manual for spiritual organization of your life.
  • The Science of Becoming Oneself
    This life-changing course follows the work laid out in the classic book The Science of Becoming Oneself. It is designed for the individual who is prepared to go deep inside of his or her being, and bring out the true soul that he or she is. Each lesson has seed thought meditations, specific exercises, self-examination questions, and appropriate extra readings. The will be asked to systematically observe your physical, emotional, and mental processes so that the non-essential aspects of the personality may be cleared and the most essential, the True Self, may emerge in the process. This course is for anyone who is truly ready to embark on the voyage of self-discovery.


Advanced Level

  • Secret Doctrine
    The meditation course is based on the classic H. P. Blavatsky 2-volume book titled The Secret Doctrine. The course was specially designed by Torkom Saraydarian for his advanced students. We now offer this course to anyone wishing to study this classic text and is also a capable meditator and a self-disciplined student. Each set contains reading and meditation instructions, and meditation questions designed to challenge the student to grabble with difficult esoteric principles and ideas.
  • Shamballa, The Father’s Home
    The meditation course based on the topic of Shamballa is a challenging and inspiring course for the advanced meditation student. The student needs to be self-motivated, disciplined, is able to challenge himself or herself with the energies of the First Ray, is willing to make huge changes in the his or her life, and can truly benefit from the destruction and construction of the inner patterns. This course consists of  a collection of writings on the topic of Shamballa from the Agni Yoga books, A. A. Bailey and Tibetan Master books, and Torkom Saraydarian books. Each set contains reading materials consisting of 15-25 pages of extracts on the topic of Shamballa. The student reads, meditates on selected seed thought passages, and at the end of each month, writes a creative and thoughtful summary of the meditation.


 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to have a personal consultation with our Director. We are here to help you to empower yourself and find the true Self that you are.