TSU Training Objective

The training offered at The TSG University has the following objectives:

  • To provide tools for self-transformation and commitment for discipleship and a life of sacrificial service in any field of human endeavor. Humanity can be uplifted by dedicated men and women who provide positive role models and positive alternatives in their fields.

  • To provide spiritual teacher training. Individuals who are well trained are a tremendous resource to form small or large groups; to lecture in any setting where people need to enhance their lives; as well as to participate in academic departments of religion, spirituality, and philosophy.

  • To provide training classes for professionals in all fields. For example, our training courses benefit medical professionals in all aspects of the healing fields who are interested in understanding the subtle aspect of healing; philosophers interested in the foundation of the Teaching; political and business leaders interested in true leadership principles; religious leaders interested in understanding the wider concepts of comparative religion and spirituality; teachers who need to understand the philosophy of education and the spiritual needs of children; and so on.

  • To provide a community of like-minded individuals so that each participant can improve and enhance their lives in an organic group setting.

  • To provide courses for self-enrichment to any interested and inquiring individual, regardless of his or her cultural and religious background.