What are these other ‘Bodies’ or Subtle Bodies?

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What are these other 'Bodies' or Subtle Bodies?



Other Bodies or Subtle Bodies refer to the bodies that every human being has in addition to the physical body. The Ancient Wisdom Teachings teach that human beings are not simply material beings, but have many levels of subtle emanations that are as bodies around the physical existence.  The study of the subtle development of the human being is called the study of the constitution of man.


 The basics of the constitution of man are as follows: 

            1.      We have the physical body with all its physical parts.

2.      We have the subtle body, called the etheric body, that is the exact duplicate of the physical body, organs and all, but formed of energetic material, that completely surrounds and interpenetrates the physical organism. It is the electromagnetic energy system surrounding and interpenetrating the physical body. The etheric body has every organ and every part of the physical body replicated in energy material. It is the connecting link between the physical existence and the subtle or spirit aspect of life. Every gland in the physical body has a corresponding chakra or center that is the energetic component of the gland and in turn of the organ. The chakras are in the etheric body.

3.      We have an emotional body that is made up of the sum total of all our emotions and feelings. The emotional body also has a set of duplicate and corresponding chakras in the emotional realm.

4.      We have the mental body that is made up of the sum total of our thoughts and thinking processes, apart from the brain. The mental body is very complex, having also the corresponding chakras in mental material, as well as the subconscious mind, the Chalice, and parts of the Antahkarana, or bridge to higher consciousness.

5.      We have four more potential subtle bodies, called in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as the Buddhic (also called the body of Intuition), the Atmic, the Monadic, and the Divine bodies. All together, these seven bodies give the human being the potential to have seven complex levels of approach to the Subtle Worlds.

6.      We also have many other subtle senses and centers, but the most important being the spirit aspect, called the human soul, the part in us that lives on for all lifetimes and incarnates life after life. The Human Soul has in it, as an added imprint, all the lifetimes of experiences.



What is the aura?


The aura is the radiation of the physical, emotional, mental and higher bodies if they are formed;  the radiation of the centers or chakras; the radiation of  the soul energy;  the radiation of the health of the physical body known as the "health aura"; and the radiation of the Guardian Angel's presence in the individual.


For additional references and study on the Subtle Bodies and the Constitution of Man and the aura, please see the following books by Torkom Saraydarian:


  1. New Dimensions in Healing (detailed chapters about the constitution of man)
  2. Other Worlds: the best ever book on the levels of existence beyond the physical and what happens there.
  3. Karma and Reincarnation: absolute best study on the role of karma and the process of incarnation.
  4. Aura, Shield of Protection and Glory: A most beautiful explanation of what is the aura and how it can be built and strengthened to shield and protect us.