What is the Ageless Wisdom?

The Ageless Wisdom is a body of knowledge that has been given to humanity throughout time by Wise men and women. This Wisdom has been imparted through books, mystery schools, music and art, philosophy, religion, and various cultural expressions.

Ageless Wisdom Symbol

The Ageless Wisdom provides an explanation of the Laws of Nature, the Higher Principles and Values that operate in every aspect of life, and the relationship of man to these Laws and Principles. This knowledge as a whole is the theoretical foundation that provides guidance for right living. All fields of human endeavor and religious and philosophical disciplines have at their core the values of the Ageless Wisdom.

It provides a foundation that helps people from all religious, cultural, and philosophical viewpoints and backgrounds to understand and appreciate the common source of human dignity and beauty.

It explains the culture of the heart and the basic systems of belief that will help humanity actualize the culture of the heart.

This Teaching gives the information, the direction, and the causes and effects of living within the framework of Higher Values.


If we distill all religious and spiritual disciplines into a set of common principles, we will find the following Seven Higher Principles operating, in one form or another, in all of them:

  • Beauty
  • Goodness
  • Righteousness
  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Sacrificial Service
  • Striving Toward Perfection

These are principles that all of life strives toward. The Higher Principles energize the expression or manifestation of these qualities in life. The Principles never change; but their manifestation and interpretation change throughout time and history as humanity expands into deeper understanding of life in its manifold expressions.

The Ancient Wisdom Teachings manifest through the seven fields of life, which are:

  1. Politics
  2. Education
  3. Communication
  4. The Arts
  5. Science
  6. Religion
  7. Finance

Each of these fields of human life is necessary for human society to evolve. Each endeavor expresses the Higher Principles in actuality and, sometimes, with or without success. We see great leaders who bring new ways of expression in these fields; and we also see the opposite. A long-term view of life on this planet shows tremendous expansions that have been made in each of these fields.

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