What is the New Group of World Servers?

New Group of World Servers Background
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In the writings of Alice Bailey, the New Group of World Servers is a group of individuals who are spiritually advanced or evolved. It is not necessarily specifically an organized group but people who follow a spiritual path in line with the works of Alice Bailey often form esoteric groups for meditation and service. Many individuals may be unaware of their inclusion in this group but all work in their various fields to improve, heal, enlighten and generally raise up humanity.

Members of the New Group of World Servers generally recognize each other as being on a similar level working towards the greater good but often would not consider themselves “members” of any such group. They work as scientists developing cures for disease, as teachers, artists and musicians, business owners and political figures. They are the people who “walk their talk” when it comes to their spiritual path.

Some members of the New Group of World Servers who identify themselves as such (i.e., followers of the Alice A. Bailey teachings), meet for group circle meditations on the night of the Full Moon. These meditation groups recite the Great Invocation, and channel energy from the “Cosmic Masters of the Ancient Wisdom” (Ascended Masters) in order to facilitate the unfolding of what Alice A. Bailey called the “Plan of the Masters”: the coming forth of the enlightened society of the New Age, i.e., the Age of Aquarius.

Present Movements
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