What We Believe

We Believe In

  • We are all children of the One God.
  • The immortality and reincarnation of the human soul.
  • All religions and spiritual traditions flow from the same source.
  • Christ is the Master Teacher of our Planet. His Teaching is to unify all humanity through love and compassion.
  • The spiritual practice includes prayer, meditation, and gathering in spiritual fellowship.
  • Seed thought meditation as the foundation of soul development.
  • The importance of celebrating holy days with prayer and meditation and study according to one’s spiritual tradition.
  • TSG Foundation Center for Spiritual Development celebrates:

—  Easter, the festival of the risen Christ

—  Wesak, the birth of Buddha and the receiving of Buddha’s blessings

—  The Festival of Goodwill (the sun in Gemini); the festival of the spirit of humanity

—  Monthly celebration of the Wisdom of the Zodiac

—  Christmas as the birth of Light

—  Sundays as days of spiritual fellowship. Being together in person heals us and fills us with joy.